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Gary Machinery, LLC is dedicated to helping our customers with their equipment needs.  From contractors to manufacturers, our sales & engineering staff will work with you to understand what it is you need to accomplish, and then find a solution. Whether it is a standard off-the shelf machine or a custom machine, our craftsmen will provide their expertise and experience to provide you with a quality machine that will meet your needs.  All of our equipment is made right here in the USA, equipment that is manufactured by us to insure only the highest of quality and dependability.  Our customers demand high quality equipment and that's exactly what you'll receive when you purchase equipment or components from Gary Machinery, LLc  equipment that is extremely reliable, that will work for you for many years to come. Before you consider purchasing similar equipment elsewhere, please contact our sales and engineering staff and we will help insure that you receive equipment that suits your needs at a cost that suits your budget.

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A Few Of Our Current Projects:

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Toggle Shear

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Slitter Knife Storage Boxes

Unslire System for sponge foam  Unslire for foam sanding blocks

Unslire System  Unslire side view

Unslire Coil Sitting System

Portable Slitter and Recoiler section

Slitter and Recoiler on a common portable base

30K Coil Tipper

30K Tipper with C-hook slot for Aluminum Coils

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5" Arbor x 38" Wide Sheet Slitter for the "Wet" Copper Industry


Straightening / Corrugating machine to stiffen copper

  Tension Stand

Drag Tension Stand with tooling bar assembly

Dual Mandrell Recoiler

Dual Mandrel Recoiler with Slip Drums for winding on cores

15K Coil Transfer Car

15,000 Lbs. Coil Transfer Car

Light Gage Aluminum Shear    Light Gage Aluminum Shear

Light Gage x 60" Wide Aluminum Air Shear


Skew & Slit Skew & Slit

Skew Table and 6" Arbor x 60" Wide Sheet Slitter for cutting Laminate

Slitter feed by robot

Robot fed Sheet Slitter system

Special Slitter Special Slitter

448 Sheet Slitter with special entry guide for the Perforating Industry

Packed Arbor Slitter

Packed Arbor Slitter with a Roll-out head and Micro-adjust